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Increase the effectiveness of your effort with Wild Power Fitness. Unusual combination of energy Mate and supporting the transformation of matter Pu Erh will make you achieve your goal faster, and cherries, apples and calendula will make it even more pleasant. Yerba mate is nothing but dried, ground leaves and sticks of yerba mate, prepared for making the infusion, popular mainly in the countries of South America. The name yerba mate was invented most probably by the Jesuits. It comes from the transformed Latin word herba - herb and mati what in Quechua means gourd, in which the herb is brewed. Yerba mate stimulates the mind, often used to improve memory and concentration. Used as a tonic stimulant, enduring mental and physical fatigue. The people of South America have known and appreciate the beneficial influence of Yerba Mate for centuries. It stimulates similarly to coffee, but in comparison with coffee, which stimulates strongly, but shortly - stimulates long-term, while providing a lot of minerals and micronutrients, while reducing appetite.

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