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Ethiopia is the cradle of coffee - it was here that Arabica grew in the wild state, and the unusual properties of red fruit were discovered in the Ethiopian region of Kaffa. To this day, you can meet freely growing coffee trees, and the drink from their grains is heavy and guilty. It is assumed that the first crops were founded in the 9th century, probably by monks.
Ethiopia is one of the world's leading coffee producers and the main African exporter of coffee. The Ethiopians themselves drink huge amounts of this drink - by the way consuming their own production. Coffee trees are grown in all ways: from wild trees in forests, primitive plots to large plantations - hence Ethiopian coffee beans have a very diverse taste and quality. The variety of flavors is also influenced by different types of processing - coffee is dry-processed, rinsed or sun-dried even in trees.
The most important areas where cultivation is assumed is Harrar (the highest located - 1500 m above sea level), Djimmah (wild coffee grows here over 1200 m), Sidamo (the central part of the country), Lekempti (unusual grain taste) and Yirgacheffe (the most outstanding Ethiopian coffee) .

Kraj pochodzenia: Etiopia

Składniki: Arabica 100%

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